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Photos of my needle felting projects.

All of them have been done with our Babydoll wool.







This is a geometric design that a friend drew for me,

and I filled in with Babydoll wool.

It reminds me of a quilt.




 Flower and Butterfly Set 







 These sets were made from Babydoll wool felted onto felt made from recycled materials.

Some of the design is 3 dimensional.




Flower and Lady Bug Set






The bears and other critters are sculptured needle felting. 

Babydoll wool works great for making a tightly felted finished project.
































This is my first 100% Babydoll Wool Hand Woven Scarf.

The brown is the natural color of our little ewe Onyx, and the pink is dyed from the ewe Polly that belonged to dear friends of ours.  This is a picture of her as a lamb.




 Polly with yellow crocus.jpg